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Re: Current Playlist
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in Gaming
90% of Tropical Freeze is absolutely fantastic. 10% is so frustrating you want to tear your own head off just so you have something to throw at the screen.

Re: Baseball 2014
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I'm pulling for a Nats O's World Series. How dope would that be?
It'd be incredible. I wouldn't be at work for like half of October between various committees I'm on and then the MLB postseason.

Re: Yo son! It's 2014! Time for MUSIC!
Today, 04:34 by goodlucksaturday View the latest post
in Music
I might assume the Black Keys would make anyone disenchanted. I would be disenchanted with all music if I listened to any era of theirs.
I preordered the MONO records because I'm a sucker for GET THEM...