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Re: Games Completed in 2014: Tyranny Free Edition
Today, 05:24 by Kazriko View the latest post
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Game #8 for the month, and the 4th this week...
Megaman X: Command Mission.
This is everything I don't like about old RPGs. unavoidable random encounters, tons of grinding, lots of annoying delays in...

Re: Yo son! It's 2014! Time for MUSIC!
Yesterday, 18:26 by nate View the latest post
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Dear Andrew McMahon,
The EP was nice, but I want a full album. Where is it? No more Something Corporate sucked, but there was Jack's Mannequin waiting. No more Jack's Mannequin sucks doubly because there's...

Re: Before you pay $15 for Strider
Yesterday, 17:19 by Weidleface View the latest post
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Haven't played it yet, but I got it free from that there PS+.