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If you've never considered posting your Youtube videos on Reddit, or if you've tried and been scared away by its seemingly unwelcoming nature, then I have some good news for you.

For those of you who've never considered posting, understand that 190 years of embedded video are watched on Reddit each month. Your videos also have a better chance of being discovered by other online publications more quickly if you post them to Reddit than any other social media network. For example: Within an hour of posting my Game Therapy - PTSD video on Reddit's gaming sub-community, I was contacted by one of Kotaku's editors for an interview. My interview was later published on their site, showcasing my video. Reddit draws more traffic to our Youtube channel than any other social media outlet I use.

For those who've tried to connect on Reddit and have subsequently been verbally attacked or figuratively thrown out of the room, there are a few behaviors I'd like you to consider:

  1. You cannot go in guns blazing
  2. You cannot expect people to care about what you say if they don't believe you care about them and the community
  3. Every video you've ever created is probably not as awesome as you think it is, so exercise discretion
  4. Adhere to global Reddiquette and the rules established by the communities you wish to engage

As it relates to the first bullet, you have to understand that simply walking into a subreddit (Reddit's sub communities) and posting your work is a bad idea on every front. It's the equivalent of me coming into your house uninvited, standing in front of your television during your favorite show and reciting a song from one of my music videos. At this point, the community has no relationship with you or your work. Therefore, they lack the context or the motivation to engage with your it. Further, this is the quickest way to be labled a spammer and potentially get banned from Reddit.

Secondly, you should never consider posting your videos to a community you're not passionate about. Your passion will ultimately be determined by your contributions outside of your own work. Further, you should never go to Reddit for the sole purpose of posting your work. Not only is that not genuine, but it's against their culture and will ultimately work against you attempting to get your work appreciated.

The third part is quite simply about quality over quantity. Once you are a legitimate member of a Reddit sub community, you will most likely be welcomed to share some of your work. But, do so sparingly. Posting every video you've ever made will eventually get you sent back into that spammer column.

The fourth point is really the most important. Be sure to closely follow Reddit's rules, or you may find yourself banned. They have an entire subreddit dedicated to reporting people the community feels are spammers. I found myself on that list once upon a time and had my first Reddit account banned because I didn't follow the behaviors I've outlined above. I even had one particularly zealous member follow me here to leave ugly comments on the site. Also, be very careful to look at the rules of the individual subreddit you want to engage. Some subreddits will not allow you to post any of your own work whatsoever.

If you follow these simple steps, you will eventually find that Reddit is an excellent place to meet great people who may eventually enjoy watching your work as much as you enjoy making it. Just always remember that the community comes first. If you are not engaging with the intent to truly be a part of the community, then you are there for the wrong reasons.

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